Alliance between Cosmetics and Nutraceutics

OLD AND NEW  SUN CREAMS  MAKE THEIR SCREEN EFFECT TO UTRAVIOLETS ONLY IF APPLIED REPEADETLY. This caution is not always easy to follow in moments of psycho-physical relaxation that are poorly receptive to medical recommendations and annoyed by finding the skin sticky and sticky. Aware of this, big cosmetics firms, to make the sunscreen more effective, offer an ever wider range of anti-solar creams so-called “beach test”. The new generation includes more homogeneous spray applications that do not leave white spots on the skin or contain soothing and refreshing anti-inflammatory (aloe) substances..

Since note is the responsibility of free radicals induced by ultraviolet light in accelerating skin aging both female and masculine, there are also products that also contain antioxidants (Vitamin E, green tea). In the context of this commitment to cosmetic research, there are also recommendations for a constant intake of antioxidants in diet rich in fruits and vegetables (Fondazione Veronesi Economia e Società from the 10th March 2017). This is now made even easier by the recent introduction of nutritional supplements, such as Lycoprozen, made of whole tomato powder containing micronutrients with documented skin photoprotective activity.

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